My new fairy

I have a new fairy princess, I found her on a trip to Alabama. At first she didn’t want to leave, now she follows me constantly. When I am sitting on the couch she hovers so close that her tiny feet are touching me. When I am in the kitchen, she dances around like a tiny ballerina. When I am writing her little fairy wings flutter about distracting me. During bath time this magical fairy turns into a fish. Diving deep into the bottomless sea. She surfaces from time to time to take a breath. Her little mermaid tail splashes me. While I am trying to watch tv, she like to whisper her fairy secrets. Her voice is tiny she doesn’t talk much. The stories that she tells are of abuse and neglect, sometimes it’s hard for me to keep my emotions in check. It’s difficult for me to hear how her mommy’s husband hit her and her mommy or how he broke her things. Her tears roll down her face and fall directly into my heart. They’re heavy and hard to carry. I barely watch tv anymore, sometimes to avoid her stories. Today we sat in silence our feet up on the couch, she placed her tiny little fairy foot against mine. When silence broke this time instead of another sad story. It was to talk about her boys and her baby. She is glad they are all together, and even though it is hard sometimes. I am glad they are all here to. She makes sure I know that she misses her mommy dearly she doesn’t want me to forget. My little fairy princess



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