The wolves outside my door

I don’t remember falling asleep, but I wake to growling, and the sound that their claws make scraping against on the hardwood floor. I can hear them running up and down the stairs. There are two already in the room with me, they are sleeping, they must have come in through an open door. The sound of their pack outside rouses the smaller one. She stares at me in silence, she is not the dangerous one. She is tiny and trapped in a cage. I can feel her eyes on me, she is waiting for me to move. I am afraid to look at her. The most vicious one is laying right next to me, not sure how he keeps getting in. I lay in bed my eyes fixed on the ceiling, I am afraid that if I move it will wake him, and there will be no chance of escape. If I don’t breathe maybe they won’t hear me, maybe the little one will fall back asleep. Maybe the others won’t know I’m in here. It’s not working, I can’t hold my breath forever. I try to slip out of the room, but the little one is still watching me. Even though she is not dangerous, she howls alerting the others. They’re outside the door. Howling and biting. I can hear their claws scratching​ at the door. The sound of her howling ​wakes the other one. I run into the bathroom before he sees me. They must have seen my shadow as I ran by. Their efforts to get in the room intensifies. There’s a window in the bathroom but it’s too​ high up for me to escape. All of them are in the room, it almost sounds like they are talking to each other. Planning on how they will get me. I sit in silence,​ as they try to break through the bathroom door. They start to fight amongst​ themselves, maybe I can slip out of the bathroom and down the stairs while they are distracted. No! They can smell fear, as soon as I turn the knob the dangerous one​ is at the​ door. He is almost​ inside, the others follow suit​. They are all outside the door howling. I pull myself together and open the door. The howling stops and the wolves turn into children​. Little faces smiling up at me happy​ to see me yelling good morning every morning.

Breakfast at my house.


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